At the YAAB, Opportunities for Community Engagement

Did you know that Rev. Blair Setnor has a new title? She is now Glenn's Minister for Youth and Recreation, and is not only responsible for stewarding our rec programs but also the use and rental of our buildings. This week, she gives an update on the recent renovations at the Youth and Activities Building and how she envisions the space being used in the future.

With gratitude to generous donors from our Capital Campaign Foundations for Generations, and after months upon months of renovations, our Youth and Activities Building is closing in on final construction!

The YAAB will not only be well-utilized by our congregation, but we envision it as a safe space to be fully utilized by the surrounding community, too. By promoting mission work in intown Atlanta, sportsmanship, healthy living, fun, and environmental awareness, we hope this building will become a resource and place of connection for community members, groups, and organizations. 

We look forward to hosting camps, youth events, sports teams, exercise classes, and even mission groups very soon, but in the meantime, we have a jam packed summer! Check out our summer opportunities in the YAAB.

The upgrades make the building more welcoming, hospitable, and functional, and will serve our church and community well in the decades to come!

YAAB reno.jpg
YAAB reno 2.jpg
YAAB reno 6.jpg
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