Lay Leadership 

In addition to our nominated leaders, all are welcome to attend our 2018 Church Council meetings.
Join us at 12:30 p.m. on these Sundays in Room 422 of the Church School Building: January 21, March 18, May 20, August 26, November 4, and December 9.

Glenn's 2018 General Officers

Church Council Chair                            Tara Bartelt     
Vice-Chair                                                Carol Allums                   

Lay Leaders                                            Andy Rogers & Carol Allums    

Worship Committee Chair                    Ginger Smith
Vice-Chair                                                Anne Fears       

Music Committee Chair                        Chad Hales            
Vice-Chair                                               James Washburn                                   

Altar Guild Chair                                    Susan Forte                                                     

Hospitality Committee Co-Chairs        Carolyn Roper & Dorothy Chitwood 

Education Committee Chair                 Don Pollard

Youth Council Chair                               Eric Maurer                            

Children’s Committee Chair                  Amy Burke

Older Adult Committee Co-Chairs       Melvin Cauthen and Linda Merkle

Service Committee Chair                      TBD

Church & Society Committee Chair     Susan Anne MacKenna

Environmental Committee Chairs        Lynn Speno & Jan Lichtenwalter 

Missions Committee Chair                    Aaron Hurst       

Finance Committee Chair                     Chloe Cook

Finance Treasurer                                  Bob Reid

SPR (Staff Parish Relations) Chair       Jeff Henry  

Board of Trustees Chair                        Jim Koelemay 

Building & Grounds Chair                     Jeff Eyrich
Vice-Chair                                               Dan Reed

United Methodist Women (UMW)        Erin Hurst

Glenn/Emory Committee                      Deborah Marlowe, Claire Lennox, Jennifer Scott-Ward

Communications Committee               Dena Mellick, Claire Lennox, Jan Lichtenwalter

Rainbow Advocacy Committee           Robin and Bill Clark

Lay Members to North Georgia Annual Conference

Ginger Smith, Carolyn Gilbert, Andrew Johnson, Katrina Voegtlin