When I think of Foundations for Generations, what it signals to me immediately is that even in my own Christian faith, where I am right now, I didn’t get to by myself. I stand on the shoulders and the legacy of so many who have come before me.
— Rev. Dr. Alice Rogers

For anyone living in or traversing Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods in the last twenty years, there has been an unmistakable feeling of renewal. Homes reconstructed, commercial spaces renovated, parks reborn. Places of worship have also felt the energy of renewal and the challenge of change. In the midst of this sometimes unsettled environment, Glenn Memorial Church has been a sure-footed foundation—for believers, for seekers, for all who enter its welcoming embrace.

Our church facilities have long been in need of improvements that will complement and enhance our ability to follow God’s will and to build inspiring ministries. To preserve, sustain and strengthen our treasured church, and to create opportunities for those who follow us to grow, minister and thrive even more than we have, we seek to make significant upgrades to our careworn facilities.

Now Foundations for Generations, a $3.3 million campaign for Glenn, addresses our desire to transform our spaces to more closely align with our congregational priorities and to set the stage for growth in the coming decades. Let us rise to this challenge and move ahead together in gratitude for all that Glenn means to us, all that it gives to us, and all that it can provide for others, both now and in generations to come. Please be in prayer for the ways you feel led to support this campaign.



Campaign Summary

Youth & Activities Building                       $2,200,000

Two-story Addition with Elevator and Restrooms

Interior Renovation

Climbing Wall Installation

Church School Building                           $1,100,000

Roof Replacement

Exterior Waterproofing and Repair

Fellowship Hall Renovation

Total Campaign Goal                                $3,300,000

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