Member Spotlight: Gordon Boice

We're excited to bring you an interview with our logo designer, Gordon Boice. Did you know Gordon has a background in English Literature? Neither did we!

Where did you grow up and who/what were your earliest influences on your faith?
I grew up in Watertown, NY, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario and just 30 miles from the bridge to Canada. They enjoy as much as 200" of snow in a good winter. I still miss four distinct seasons and the clear beauty of northern sunlight. 

Church was in our family as far back as we knew. My parents and grandparents lived their faith fully and influenced me to know the truth of God's presence. College experiences vigorously challenged my beliefs, but I chose to commit my life to God's care and guidance. 

My own faith and worship experiences are eclectic. Over the years I have enjoyed being part of worship communities including Presbyterian, American Baptist, Evangelical Free Church, Assemblies of God (Pentecostal), Wesleyan Methodist, and now United Methodist. I've found our Christian community is broad and vibrant.

How did you meet your wife, Mary Lou, and what brought y'all to Atlanta?
I met Mary Lou while working in the Boston area after college. Candler recruited Mary Lou from the Boston University School of Theology just over 20 years ago.

When did you come to Glenn and what ministries have you been a part of?
I think we've been at Glenn for perhaps 10 years now. I attend the early-service and sing in the little chapel choir, participate in some of the men's activities, and lead the Ventures in Faith Sunday School class. Our family is grateful for all the blessings that we experience in the programs, the friendships, and the loving care of this community.

What is your educational background and how did you get into graphic design? When did you come to Emory and what is your role there?
I have a Bachelor's degree in English literature. I followed a life-long dream to work in the arts by assembling a portfolio of small design projects over several years that allowed me to enter the graphic design field, first as a publications producer with Emory's Office of International Affairs and then as a graphic designer with the Emory Creative Group, where I've been for 20 years. Curious readers can see my portfolio, which I've only recently moved to a digital format, at

Please reflect on the first Glenn logo you designed, the Sanctuary cupola, and the inspiration for this new design.
Through a connection from an Emory project, I met Donn Ann Weber and helped with some identity work for Glenn in the nineties. I was pleased to be approached by Glenn recently to rethink the current branding. We tried several representations drawn from Glenn's architecture and environs, but none resonated with the group until I drew a stylized representation of our sanctuary cross. The Glenn working group has done a marvelous job of bringing this image to life as a symbol of our unique and special place. We hope the congregation is pleased with it and proud of their own association with Glenn.  

Gordon is married to Mary Lou Greenwood Boice who serves as Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Candler School of Theology of Emory University. Their daughter, Katie, is an undergraduate student at Emory with a double major in vocal performance and psychology. She is a Glenn youth alumna and past soloist in Glenn Choirs, best known for her role as Maria in "The Sound of Music" a few years ago. We are grateful for Gordon’s time and talent in designing the new Glenn Memorial Church logo.