A Week Called Holy

Life is life is life.  Joys and sorrows, routines and tasks.  Spring arrives, and longer days mean more play, more chores.  Villagers scurry; Jerusalem stirs.

And a man, once blind, marvels at the intricacies of leaves and clouds.

Somewhere, a soldier stands guard over locals, who maintain their own bitter watch over the soldier.  A governor files reports and hopes for promotion.  A high priest frets over the future of his people.

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And a woman remembers a mob and the voice that set her free.

A farmer scans the sky for signs of rain.  A merchant scans the crowd for signs of customers.  A gardener tends the grounds near an old family tomb.

And in a home in Bethany, Mary and Martha share dinner with their brother, Lazarus.

Families prepare for the Passover.  The Temple welcomes pilgrims.  A money changer picks up the pieces of a ransacked business.  A friend arranges a place for a special dinner.

And somewhere in the corner of Judas’ heart, a dark thought stirs.

Now, twenty-one centuries later, life is still life.  Work calls; tasks await; obligations demand.  The routine drones.

And in the midst of it all, a people gather who have been touched by the grace of God and transformed into a community like no other. 

In the week ahead, we will consciously break the routine of normality, beginning this Sunday with palm branches and children.  Then on Thursday, we’ll gather with Jesus at his table.  Friday will bring word and song as we ponder the grim news of the cross and the good news of just how far love will go for the beloved.  On Saturday, we will hear the first announcement of Easter, then on Sunday, a grand and glorious celebration!  Christ lives!

In the retelling of the whole amazing story, we’ll open our lives again to the Christ who lived, died, and lives for us and the world.  As it turns out, 21 centuries are nothing, and the grace of God, found in a holy moment, is everything.

- Rev. Mark Westmoreland, Senior Pastor