Children's Sabbath

What do Hamilton, the Musical, the Apostle Paul, an 11-year-old girl, and the Glenn Church family have in common?

Why do I have a bucket overflowing with colorful pom-poms all over my office (and glitter, but that was an accident...)?

How many children are working hard to memorize the words to "I Will Praise You, O Lord" before Sunday?

What are the odds that at least one of the preachers' kids will run across the chancel area on Sunday?

Which children are practicing reciting the Apostles' Creed?

Do we think any of the Joyful Noise music class toddlers will actually sing "Jesus Loves Me" with the "big kids"?

How early do grandparents need to arrive to get a seat in the front pews?

How many pancakes can your child consume in one sitting?

These questions and many more will be answered THIS SUNDAY, for MY FAVORITE SUNDAY OF THE YEAR: CHILDREN'S SABBATH & SCOUT SUNDAY!

Bring the family! Invite your neighbors and friends-you've-been-meaning-to-invite-to-Glenn!  Wear your Glenn t-shirts, Girl or Boy Scout Uniforms, or even your Falcons gear (and don't forget a canned good donation for SOUP-er Bowl of Caring!)

It's not even here yet and I am already so proud of these remarkable and inspiring children in our midst. And if you're like me, we are all in need of a vision of hope for the present and the future. By God's amazing grace, I believe we will receive that gift this Sunday morning.