Jesus Christ, King of All Humankind

This past July was a busy month for our youth. Not only did we head to Toronto for a choir tour, but 35 youth and adults spent a week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with Team Effort. The group worked on two homes for the week. The work we completed included finishing the siding on a house, painting, building a garden box and planting several vegetables, and building a 52 FOOT RAMP! And each day on the work site, our youth brought their instruments to serenade the home owners.

For worship on Thursday evening, the leaders of the camp asked our youth if they would like to help lead worship. With only 15 minutes to prepare a piece, Ben Ladner, Ian Maurer, and Sam McKlin wrote and performed, "Jesus Christ, King of all Humankind." The talent these young men possess is astounding, as is confirmed by the applause and standing ovation they received at the end of their performance:

Verse 1
Born in a manger in Bethlehem
Wise men and shepherds came to worship him
Born the fruit of Jesse's stem
Gonna be the king of Jerusalem

Jesus, Jesus Christ King of all humankind

Verse 2
Became a rabbi and served a spell
Fixing up the government and law as well
Healed him a blind man and the women at the well
Sent from God on Earth to dwell

Verse 3
Went to the garden and Jesus prayed
Slept with his disciples but he was betrayed
Nailed to a cross in a tomb was laid
Ascended into heaven and we were all saved

The Youth Choir program at Glenn has a long history of good talent like this. Natural talent, sure, but also talent that is cultivated and nurtured. Wes Griffin, director of the youth choirs, takes time with each youth and helps them find their unique voice...or instrument!

They kick off a new year this Sunday night. Youth at all levels of ability, at Glenn and in the community, are welcome to take part and make music together.