Summer Scripture Challenge

Summer is a time for fun adventures, relaxing, rejuvenating, formation!? One might be skeptical of the latter given the low attendance in Sunday School and Worship services lately - ha! (Yes, we are OPEN every Sunday - join us!) During one of the most adventuresome summers of my life, I had the opportunity to hike the Appalachian Trail for 11 days through a program of Camp Glisson. And while I can't remember the name of all the trails we traversed, how many miles we hiked each day, what we cooked for dinner each evening over our camp stoves, or how to tie the special knots to create our tarp shelters, I CAN still recite (mostly) the Scripture my camp counselor helped me memorize while we hiked: 1 Corinthians 13, Philippians 4, and Isaiah 55. And I confess that this was the last time I made a concerted effort to memorize Scripture other than for seminary exams! 

So...have you heard of our Summer Scripture Challenge?

1- Each child/group of children choose a Scripture verse (or chapter!) to memorize. Practice, practice, practice! In the car. In the bath. Hiking. Swimming. Bedtime. It's quite the boredom buster.
2- Have a grown-up video the child(ren) reciting the Scripture from memory and share with Rev. Susan OR come to Sunday School and recite LIVE for me.

-Each child who memorizes a Scripture will receive a "Target Dollar Spot" special surprise.
-If Rev. Susan cannot memorize the same Scripture within one week of the challenge, the child/children will receive a $10 giftcard from Target.
-If we have at least 25 children participate between now and August 2, we'll have an Ice Cream Sundae party during Sunday School on Sunday, August 2.

We've had quite a few entries so far this summer and would love to have more. You may view the current challenge videos here. Feel free to let me know if you would like Scripture suggestions - it's a big, diverse Bible and I wouldn't necessarily recommend your kiddos just picking any random Scripture. ;)

Grace and Peace,