Growth at The Glenn School

Today was the last day of The Glenn School for my 11 month-old, Geoffrey. It was bittersweet, his first of “graduations.”  Nancy Asbury, often dubbed the “baby whisperer” handed him to me as we chatted about his day. I thanked her for the precious pictures she and all of Geoffrey’s teachers had taken over the months and put together in a photo book for us. As I held him, he leaned back toward Nancy and outstretched his arms for her to take him back. She did. 

Geoffrey entered The Glenn School this past January. As a first time parent, I was of course nervous about the transition to a new care situation. Yet, everyday, as I dropped him off, I saw how much he loved school and how much he was growing and developing. Geoffrey was the youngest baby in the “baby room” and for most of this semester he was pretty stationary while the others had mastered crawling and walking. He was somewhat of a commodity with the other children. His friends would bring him toys, and yell, “Geoffrey!” as he entered the room. One special day, he was even greeted with several hugs from his older friends. 

The vision and goal of The Glenn School is to meet children where they are developmentally and to provide excellent play-based care; they seek to nurture the child and family, empowering a confident, responsible and caring learner. This has absolutely been our experience at The Glenn School. 

I am the Minister of Youth and Hospitality at Glenn and I am also a proud Glenn School parent. I am thrilled that The Glenn School is a thriving ministry of Glenn Memorial UMC and I look forward to watching my child continue to explore, grow, learn, and love with the most excellent teachers and staff around.

A special thank you to the baby room teachers Nancy, Laura, Barb, and Dana and Director Cherry, and staff Sherrie, Latise, and Beth for your most excellent guidance and care! For more information on The Glenn School, please visit their website or feel free to email me!