Hope for the Future

This past Sunday, it was a joy to see 22 youth kneel before our congregation and publicly claim that they have decided to follow Christ and become members of The United Methodist Church.

Over two years ago I was jokingly given the warning about our seventh grade class: "Watch out! They are wild!" Each class that participates in Glenn Youth ministry is indeed unique and this class is no different. Over these past two years of confirmation and ministry, I have gotten to know these students and they are incredibly thoughtful, hospitable, welcoming, and smart. They ask great questions and give impressive, reflective feedback. This group gives me hope for the future of our church.

Confirmation is successful only because of the wonderful commitment that many adults in our community make to stand beside these confirmands as their Friends-in-Faith. These congregants act as mentors and guides during our second year of confirmation as we focus on the theology and polity of our Christian and Methodist heritage. If you might be interested in investing in our youth, this would be an excellent opportunity. Please contact me for more information.  

Congratulations to these amazing new members! I look forward to continuing to see these youth grow and develop in their relationship with Christ and the Glenn community.