A d v e n t

For our fourth post in the series, Glenn member and Lay Minister John Roeser shares a poem he wrote about the heavy and hard moments we often encounter in this season of waiting. All are welcome to come to "In the Bleak Midwinter: A Service of Grief and Hope" this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the Little Chapel.

a single candle was glowing a light and bright yellow -
alone - but for a reason,
for in this season, we wait

this single candle stood with three others -
their dark wicks stood sentry -
a clock with four positions
one lit, three quietly
even reverently telling us -
this is a new season, we wait

I had a closer view of this rack of four
moving up to the communion rail -
turned to my right and saw this new widow
she too, might have been staring at this light
but our eyes met - she smiled brightly
I was surprised and then I wasn't
for she knew in this season of hope, we wait

her handkerchief in her hand was knotted tight
her world changed over the weekend past,
dear John, put up a fight
darkness coming, it will soon be night
but that single light -
a side of this quadrangle of hope
stays in our minds - our minds
maybe race ahead - but our faith
is strengthened and allows
us to wait