On Time

How is it already _________?! This is a question I have found myself asking a lot recently. How is it already October?! How is it already 5:00?! How do I already have 10 more emails? I haven’t been able to figure out where that time has gone. It’s probably traffic on North Decatur…yeah that’s right, I blame everything on North Decatur traffic. Seriously, though, where has all that time gone?

Yesterday brought an answer to that question. And it came in the form of two important encounters.

I went to visit someone in the hospital. This person was not expecting to see me so I walked over to the hospital with every intention of being in and out of the door quickly. However, the routine turned into the remarkable. As I sat and visited with this person, we shared stories and we laughed. I spent more time than intended, but by the end of the visit I didn’t care. I made the visit planning to pray with someone in hopes that they would feel better, but I left feeling better myself.

Later in the evening, I got a phone call from a dear friend. After catching up on the necessary pleasantries he asked me something that was completely unexpected: “My wife and I want to ask you if you will be our son’s godfather.” I was speechless. And that doesn’t happen often. My friend continued to share with me his experience with his own godfather, particularly how he was a faithful presence in his life. Finally, I couldn’t hold back my answer anymore and said “Of course I’ll do it! I’d be honored.” I spent the rest of the night dreaming of fun things to do for upcoming holidays and birthdays for my new godson.

What these two experiences yesterday reminded me of is that I need to invest my time in people. That is what brings me joy and helps me feel like I am fulfilling my calling. Yes, the to-do list needs to be checked off, but maybe the list of important people in my life needs to take precedence. Yes, the emails need to be answered, but they don’t always need a response immediately. I began to realize that I was feeling short on time because I had placed things in the wrong order. I don’t have any more time today than I did a week ago. There are still just as many things I need to do before tomorrow or before Sunday. But when I change my priorities, I change my perspective.

So if you are wondering where all your time has gone, I'd encourage you to make sure your priorities are aligned with what brings you joy. Maybe you pick up the phone and call the person you’ve been meaning to talk to for the longest time instead of making another work call. Maybe take a long lunch tomorrow and spend some time watching your kids run around in the pumpkin patch. Maybe turn off your phone this evening and play a board game with your family. No matter what you choose to do, just make sure you’re investing your time in the important things.