We want to be helpful in whatever ways we can when a loved one dies. Our prayers and pastoral care are offered to church members and the community alike. The Service of Death and Resurrection expresses gratitude to God for the life of the one who has died and bears witness to our conviction that because Christ has been raised from the dead, we too will be raised to new life.

When death occurs: Please call the church to reach one of the pastors at 404.634.3936. After office hours, your call will be forwarded to the pastor on call. He or she will provide comfort, prayer, and guidance in making plans for a funeral or memorial service.
Services: Funerals or memorial services are observed in the Sanctuary or The Little Chapel. For further information, please contact 404.634.3936. If you request that the service be held at another location, the pastor will work with you and the funeral home of your choice.
Music: Musicians, special music, and hymns can be arranged with the pastor assisting you and the Director of Music. The pastor will talk with you about hymns, prayers, Scripture readings, and other details of the service.
Witness to life: As a way of giving thanks to God for the life of the person who has died, one or more family members or friends are welcome to share their personal words about the one who has died. At the family’s request, the pastor may also open the service for brief words of witness from the congregation. Family members or friends may also participate in the service by reading the Scripture lessons.

Planning ahead: Pastors are available to plan ahead for the Service of Death and Resurrection, grief counseling, and the like with individuals and families at any time, recognizing that we are journeying together in both life and death as a community of Christian faith.