See you this Saturday?

Good Neighbor Day is this Saturday! I’m so excited for this is the day we come together and work in the community as a church family. There’s fun for everyone: toddlers to tweens to teens to adults. We partner across the generations to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Last year, I was fortunate to have Laura Reece, GND project leader, take me on a grand tour of almost every project. The energy and joy was evident at each site we visited. I helped make sandwiches at the YAAB, visited with the skaters, sorted food for Medshare, worked at the ICM Food Pantry, sang at Montclair with the Mallards – it was a blast.

For many, many years, church members Laura and Eric Reece have been at the helm of this great day of service, calling us all to join. Last year brought in a record number of volunteers – over 300! This past June, the Reece family grew by one as their first daughter, Emma Grace, was welcomed into their lives. So the Reece's have passed the torch on to other faithful volunteers such as Diane Bryant, Susan-Anne MacKenna, Kaylen Short and myself. We have tried to fill their large and experienced shoes. Even with all our organization, planning, and phone calls and emails with Laura, we have yet to reach our goal of volunteers for this year.

There are many reasons to join others in service on Good Neighbor Day. But one is certainly to honor Laura and Eric and acknowledge all the hard work they have given in years past to make this day as great as it is. Please gather with us to make this Good Neighbor Day just as great, if not better, than the last.

If you have yet to sign-up to serve, it’s so easy.

You can donate items:
- food for the ICM Pantry
- lunch supplies for the Skating or Habitat projects slated
- Good Neighbor Day Kit Assembly

You can also/or participate in one of the 12 wonderful projects:
- Skating, Singing, Arts & Crafts/Games (3 different projects – all family friendly!)
- Park cleanup (2 events!)
- Lunch Preparations for Skating or Habitat
- Sort medical supplies for MedShare (AM or PM) or pack food for ICM Food Pantry
- Sort donations at the IRC Resettlement Shop
- Assemble donations at the Ward Fellowship Hall

So c’mon! Join the Glenn Family doing meaningful work in the community.

Many thanks,

Dawn Francis-Chewning