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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Loving God, Loving Neighbor
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Heifer International

Address and Contact
P.O. Box 8058
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-8058
Purpose of Organization
Heifer International has helped over 8.49 million poor people in over 125 countries have food security and a dependable source of income.    Imagine how an animal can change the world. Two cows bring milk and income to a Russian village. Two camels help families in Tanzania earn income by transporting agricultural and industrial materials. Two oxen pull plows and carts in Uganda. Two water buffalo help   Cambodian families increase rice production through animal draft power.  
Before receiving their animals, Heifer families must undergo rigorous training to learn about Heifer’s cornerstones such as gender equity and sharing and caring. Heifer families also must sign a contract to pass offspring of their animals to other families in need.
Each gift of an animal multiplies, helping families, heling villages, helping the world. Each child of God can be part of this amazing effort to bring about just and sustainable development.
Glenn Contact:   Carol W. Napier,