Glenn Memorial UMC
Friday, February 27, 2015
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

Branan Towers

Good Neighbor Day

A Wesley Woods
Retirement Community

Address and Contact

1200 Glenwood Avenue, SE
Atlanta, GA  30316
(404) 622-5471

Purpose of Organization

Part of the Wesley Woods Retirement Community, Branan Towers is located in East Atlanta at the corner of Moreland and Glenwood Avenues.  The Towers serves persons 62 years and older who have low and moderate incomes.  The 11-story building has 176 units.  HUD financial assistance is available for the residents.  The purpose of the Wesley Woods Community is “To help people age in healthy, affordable, and ethical ways.”

Volunteer Opportunities

Glenn volunteers participate in an annual day of crafts, the resident's Christmas party and twice yearly clothing drives for the residents.

Volunteer Contact

Glenn Contact

Diane Bryant