Lay Leadership 

In addition to our nominated leaders, all are welcome to attend our 2018 Church Council meetings.
Join us at 12:30 p.m. on these Sundays in Room 422 of the Church School Building: January 21, March 18, May 20, August 26, September 30, October 28, and December 9.

Glenn's 2018 General Officers

Church Council Chair                            Tara Bartelt     
Vice-Chair                                                Carol Allums                   

Lay Leaders                                            Andy Rogers & Carol Allums    

Worship Committee Chair                    Ginger Smith
Vice-Chair                                                Anne Fears       

Music Committee Chair                        Chad Hales            
Vice-Chair                                               James Washburn                                   

Altar Guild Chair                                    Susan Forte                                                     

Hospitality Committee Co-Chairs        Carolyn Roper & Dorothy Chitwood 

Education Committee Chair                 John Wiley
Vice-Chair                                                Don Pollard 

Youth Council Chair                               Eric Maurer
Vice-Chair                                               Sara Maughan                                

Children’s Education Chair                   Bethany Eyrich
Vice-Chair                                               Amy Bugg Burke

Older Adult Committee Co-Chairs       Melvin Cauthen and Linda Merkle

Service Committee Chair                      TBD

Church & Society Committee Chair     Susan Anne MacKenna

Environmental Committee Chairs        Lynn Speno & Jan Lichtenwalter 

Missions Committee Chair                    Aaron Hurst       

Finance Committee Chair                     Chloe Cook
Finance Treasurer                                  Bob Reid

SPR (Staff Parish Relations) Chair       Jeff Henry  

Board of Trustees Chair                        Jim Koelemay 

Building & Grounds Chair                     Jeff Eyrich
Vice-Chair                                               Dan Reed

United Methodist Women (UMW)        Erin Hurst

Glenn/Emory Committee                      Deborah Marlowe, Claire Lennox, Jennifer Scott-Ward

Communications Committee               Dena Mellick, Claire Lennox, Jan Lichtenwalter

Rainbow Advocacy Committee           Robin and Bill Clark

Lay delegates to Annual Conference Ginger Smith, Carolyn Gilbert, Andrew Johnson