Good Neighbor Day

Saturday, September 9

Don't miss out on the fun of Good Neighbor Day! Each year, hundreds of Glenn members and friends join together for a day of community service. Many types of projects are available - from cleaning up Peavine Creek to volunteering at MedShare to writing notes and cards to our overseas missionaries. Most sites are family friendly, so know that children are welcome.

“School has just started, and we are trying to get back into a routine of homework, after school activities, and the logistics of buses and carpools at three schools. Then comes the announcement for Glenn’s Good Neighbor Day. Not one more thing can we add to our schedules! But wait, this is something we want to do! A quick check-in with everyone and they are immediately on board. My kids remind me of why we always participate in GND. So, we slap it on the calendar, sign up and show up. All the other things we could be doing on a Saturday somehow don’t matter. Good Neighbor Day is where we want to be, serving God and neighbor with our Glenn family.” Sara McKlin